Meshchersky Science and Technology Center
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The company performs high-quality geological surveys in strict compliance with regulatory documents and project schedule.
Company MSTC provides quick and affordable engineering and environmental surveys for construction purposes in Russia.
Our environmental analytical laboratory enables us to implement chemical analysis of atmospheric air, water and soil.

Photo gallery

Measurements of mass concentrations of phenols in surface waters

Land survey of land plots

Laboratory devices

Analysis of soil

Measurement of a mass fraction of benzo(a)pyrene in soil samples by the method of liquid chromatography

Titroval installation

Determination of phosphates

Determination of phosphates on KFK-3

Laboratory glassware

A storage room of soil samples

Measurement of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons in the gas chromatograph

Measurement of mass concentration limit the amount of hydrocarbons by the method of gas chromatography

Measurement of a mass fraction of oil products in the water

Chemical analysis of waste water

Chemical reagents and equipment for water analysis

Gas chromatograph Chromatec-Crystal 5000 (foto1)

Gas chromatograph Chromatec-Crystal 5000 (foto2)

Analysis of waste water

Field tests of soils stamp SHV-60

The selection of the samples of the soil cover deposits at the industrial pod

The trial pumping of groundwater from the observation wells

Soil sampling

Water sampling

Drilling for soil sampling

The learning process. Mazhaiskiy U.A. with the students on a practice

Caring for animals as part of our work

Mescherskaya protectical zone

Souvenirs on a memory

Acquaintance with archives

Internatoinal cooperation