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The company performs high-quality geological surveys in strict compliance with regulatory documents and project schedule.
Company MSTC provides quick and affordable engineering and environmental surveys for construction purposes in Russia.
Our environmental analytical laboratory enables us to implement chemical analysis of atmospheric air, water and soil.

Environmental audit

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Meshchersky Science and Technology Center carries out environmental audits for business entities, subsoil users and manufacturer.

Environmental audit is an independent expert examination and assessment of environmental activity by a whole enterprise or any of its part. The output is an independent conclusion and recommendations for corrective actions.

During environmental audit we assess and analyze the enterprise activity and its relevance to environmental law in an intrinsic manner.

We also conduct an audit of environmental management system, determining correspondence between the integrated EMS and the requirements by All Union State Standard  R ISO 14000.

Environmental audit can help you:

  • Optimize financial expenditures considering environmental factors;
  • Prevent additional expenses, caused by irrational environmental management or pollution;
  • Mend relations with environmental authorities;
  • Receive grants and incentives by environmental funds, tax reductions for use of natural resources;
  • Shape environmental friendly image;
  • Integrate environmental management of international standard – ISO 14 000.

MSTC Company performs the following activities:

  • Environmental audit of industrial facilities;
  • Environmental audit to determine whether the Russian Environmental Law’s requirements are met;
  • Environmental audit of requirements, related to ecology, of the certification system (including conformity with All Union State Standard R ISO 14000);
  • Environmental audit to assess investment projects efficiency;
  • Environmental audit to evaluate ecological risk to maintain activities of economic systems and industrial facilities;
  • Environmental audit for restructuring, assessment and privatization of key assets;
  • Environmental audit of licensable activities for meeting of license provisions;
  • Environmental audit for environmental and economic justification and assessment of environmental management efficiency when filing applications for backing by international financial institutions and environmental funds;
  • Environmental audit for international investments;
  • Environmental audit of territories;
  • Environmental audit for examination, usage, protection and utilization of natural resources.

MSTC Company has experts which provide environmental audit of the enterprise, development and integration of EMS, meeting requirements of AUSS R ISO 14001-2007.

Recommendations for organizations those want to:

  • Avoid penalties and excessive environment related payments;
  • Minimize the possibility of emergency related to environmental impact;
  • Reduce expenditures on water supply, waste treatment and energy;
  • Make the products more attractive ensuring consumers that they are totally safe and ecofriendly.

Please contact MSTC Company for conducting an environmental audit.


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