Meshchersky Science and Technology Center
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The company performs high-quality geological surveys in strict compliance with regulatory documents and project schedule.
Company MSTC provides quick and affordable engineering and environmental surveys for construction purposes in Russia.
Our environmental analytical laboratory enables us to implement chemical analysis of atmospheric air, water and soil.

Engeering-and-geological survey for construction

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Engineering-and-geological surveying is a thorough analysis of geological conditions of the site or system. Obtained data allow making forecasts of geological changes, caused by interaction between buildings and environment.

Engineering-and-ecological surveys are performed in accordance with the standards of Geotechnical investigations (Constructions norms and rules, February 11, 1996). Meshchersky Science and Technology Center provides related services on the basis of Certificate No. СРО-И-003-14092009-00940 dd. 16.06.2011.

Our services include:

  • Geotechnical survey on scales 1:500 — 1:25000;
  • Engineering site investigations;
  • Soil and lab analysis, analysis of physical and mechanical properties, underground water analysis, chemical analysis. Excavation works and proving;
  • Hydrogeological analysis;
  • Recommendations on ground protection, based on hazardous engineering and geological processed studied.

Meshchersky Science and Technology Center provides all kinds of activities for engineering-and-geological surveying, having an admission to the works which may affect safety of complex and hazardous objects, including unique ones, provided by article 48.1 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

Meshchersky Science and Technology Center performs engineering-and-geological surveys in Moscow and other regions of Russia within a short period of time.


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