Meshchersky Science and Technology Center
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The company performs high-quality geological surveys in strict compliance with regulatory documents and project schedule.
Company MSTC provides quick and affordable engineering and environmental surveys for construction purposes in Russia.
Our environmental analytical laboratory enables us to implement chemical analysis of atmospheric air, water and soil.

Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys for construction

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Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys are required for designing and construction of various types of buildings. We investigate hydrometeorological conditions of the site area and forecast possible changes of the conditions due to interaction with the designing objects. The aim is to obtain full and detailed data and to make reasonable decisions.

During the surveys we investigate the following:

  • Man-induced changes of climatic and hydrological conditions or their elements;
  • Dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena and processes;
  • Meteorological parameters and climate in general;
  • Hydrological regime of swamps, lakes, rivers, temporary streams, water basins, offshore and coastal areas.

We provide the following services:

  • Gathering, analyzing and compilation of data, obtained during mapping and hydrometeorological studies;
  • Studying of meteorological elements and parameters of hydrological regimes;
  • Data analysis and determination of calculated meteorological and hydrological parameters;
  • Composing of technical report.

Meshchersky Science and Technology Center carries out engineering-hydrometeorological surveys in Moscow and other regions of Russia in short period of time and at a fair price.


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