Meshchersky Science and Technology Center
  • +7 (910) 502-30-13 Moscow, Dubininskaya street 57, st. 1 office 214. Buisness-center «Brent-City»
The company performs high-quality geological surveys in strict compliance with regulatory documents and project schedule.
Company MSTC provides quick and affordable engineering and environmental surveys for construction purposes in Russia.
Our environmental analytical laboratory enables us to implement chemical analysis of atmospheric air, water and soil.

The Departments of company

The company Meschersky Science and Technology Center works on the following directions:

  • Planning-and-technical, economic-and-analytical support;
  • Surveying;
  • Land management;
  • Law office;
  • Direction for development;
  • Department of management and marketing;
  • Competent authority on certification of works on labour protection in organization;
  • Social-and-hygienic and ecological studies;
  • Estimation and financial calculations;
  • Ecological-and-analytical studies;
  • Environmental regulation of emissions to the atmosphere and waste management;
  • Water, sanitation and archaeological researches;
  • The design-and-technological and ecological-and-reclamation research;
  • Hydrogeological researches engineering survey;
  • Department of projects;
  • Department  of geology and topography;
  • Scientifical-and-methodical and technical support.